I received a formal education at an arts college in Turners Falls, MA. I received a bigger education working for and with many different photographers in New York, Portland and Los Angeles. I received the biggest education through all the people I have met and collaborated with over the years. 

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I am a freelance photographer currently based based out of Los Angeles, CA. Although certainly not limited to by any means. 

Having grown up and spent most of my life in the wild mountains of northern California, I try to let my photography be of that, that reflects and speaks to something true. Photography for me has been fueled entirely on the seeking of understanding and a passion to be an observer of the world. It's difficult for me to put into words exactly what my photography is and I think thats the point. I am open to a change in direction and style and like to keep my mind/work fluid. I would say that I love photography but I don't think thats quite accurate. It is more a tool for me and one that I quite like to work with. The years have allowed me to refine the way I work with this tool and has offered me a more expansive and beautiful view of the world. 

So with the idea of fluidity, at the moment my biggest interests are that of the natural world, collaboration with others and story. I have a deep love for all that is wild and natural in the world and strive to embrace it and  have a deeper understanding of what it has to say and ultimately develop a stronger relationship with it. You will see this reflected in a lot of my new work. Collaboration is everything to me. Wether I work with a dancer, a farmer, a model, a painter a musician, or photographing a plant I see it as a collaboration, because it truly is.  There are so many incredible artists in this world how could we not work with and support each other? The idea of collage came to me from collaboration. Depth has been something I have tried to implement into my work from day one. I want a photograph or a series to tell a story or to explore a concept. All of my favorite work has less to do with forced aesthetic and more to do with where it came from. Authentic work naturally takes on the most beautiful aesthetic anyway and we owe it to ourselves to speak honestly.