This is a practice of deep listening. Trying to just hear whats being said without having something to say. Exploring the connections, the mirroring and the abundance. A story about resilience and passion. A story of reintegration and learning about people, place, and resistance. How to speak with the wild… to live in reciprocity. There is something big happening in the quiet. In the silence. It's less about individual thinking and more collective. Being reminded of what we already intrinsically know. Finding our place in the natural system. Learning of better ways to be supportive allies. 

We will be collaborating and talking with different people and communities that are tapped into that wild heartbeat. We want to help create a collage of collected words, music, paintings, photographs, poems, talks, walks and data. Trying to create a way in which it all will speak for itself. Attempting to create somewhat of a community for the alternatives in life. Or at least get a view of whats going on and try give a platform to and share some of that knowledge.