Inverness and the peace of not being noticed.

Something that I am finding extremely beneficial is holding in silence. Listening to the quiet and observing without trying to think. I suppose this is meditation. Whatever you call it, it feels very much like healing. I recently hiked out as deep as I could on the coast of Inverness to check out from the absolute madness that is so rampant these days and the extreme loudness of everything. Ive learned recently everything that truly matters doesn't advertise itself or demand to be heard. It is there for you to listen. And to listen you have to be patient and in a sense earn what you gain from the teachers that are the ancient, wild and natural world. I sat on top of a cliff under the biggest and most fragrant Eucalyptus tree Ive ever come across and just watched the ocean. It was very quiet. The waves were soft, the sun was warm and I sat and soaked it all up. Then the Pelicans came in and started diving into the ocean for fish. The seagulls were there too, I assume to get some scraps from these bigger birds. Some seals were swimming around and would sometimes bark at each other. About an hour passed and I sat and watched as deer and rabbits just walked by me, caring very little that I was there. I thought to myself that this was a special spot to be in. To not even be recognized by these creatures was a privilege. Then as I turned back to the ocean a whale breached out of the water and made a noise that sounded something like a the largest inhale or exhale I have ever heard in my life. Which paired well with my deep inhale. Then more whales started appearing, all talking to each other and breaching, getting closer and closer. I sat there on top of a cliff watching this amazing scene happen with only the deer and seagulls. Now as far as I can remember, I have never truly bowed in my life. I have gone through the motions at times because i felt like I had to out of politeness or it was part of a practice (and felt a little silly every time) but until this moment I never felt an authentic bow. My hands naturally clasped together and I just gently bowed in such a deep appreciation for being witness to this. I opened my eyes again and watched for hours as dolphins came to play and eat. An ant crawled on me to just observe from my knee. As the hours went on I had the thought that not only was I witness to this but I was in some way a part of this. We are all part of this. Our actions and thoughts and habits are a part of all this. We are in no way separate from it. I sat there until the sun went down and the full moon rose feeling like I had just received so much from such a short amount of time. It felt like, as always with these kinds of things, I had a conversation with something eternal. The Pelicans were built for diving and catching fish. When I think about what we were built for my mind goes to moments like this. We can sit and listen. We can consciously rise above all the madness in the world. We are capable of doing that individually. In fact it's not hard. Thoughts just need to remain fluid and open. Don't hold onto things or take personal offense but rather rise above. Keep rising, keep changing, keep giving, expect less (you'll receive more) and remain open. There is a depth and a field that it seems like the "powers that be" in our society don't want us to go but they cant stop us from going there if we choose. There is a source we are tapped into whether we remain aware of it or not and the flow is taking us somewhere. It is so important to listen and and learn and be a positive part of it. Ultimately it's all that matters.